As an artist I concentrate on shapes, volumes and light. Some people see color, and some hear sounds. When I look at a tree, I see it as a shape, having volume and occupying space and making voids. I observe nature in this manner.

Using human figures, insects, animals and many models and shapes stored in my memory, I first draw from the model them as I look at the figurative drawing new volumes emerge lines are conected and forms appear in different ways on paper. I draw until I am satisfied whith the forms, and then I merge them into a special piece of sculpture.

My work is influenced by everything I see and do. Experiences of having lived in different parts of the world, in both urban and rural settings, people I talk to, books I read and art shows all combine and emerge as a new language in my work. When I finish a piece of sculpture, I have expressed my ideas, emotions and feelings, but I still cannot find the exact words to explain what I have done with that particular piece. I am always surprised at what I do in creating a finished piece. I feel drawing and sculpture are the media in which I express myself best.